About Lynn Broderick, a.k.a., the Single Leaf

Lynn Broderick is a writer by birth, a teacher by profession, and a researcher by passion. She enjoys researching individuals of the past in the context of family, community, and social history. Also known as the Single Leaf, she combined her childhood memories of football and genealogy to create genealogy football and works with her team to win their family history bowl each year.

She began her formal genealogical education at the age of 15 and she has been mentored by many noted genealogists. At the invitation of a university professor, she developed a successful curriculum for teaching beginning genealogy. She was invited by another university professor to mentor students in Southern European genealogy. She currently researches at the FamilySearch Library, university libraries, and archives throughout the United States.

In 2013, she started this blog, “The Single Leaf” and she has been an official RootsTech Ambassador every year since 2014. Lynn occasionally writes for the FamilySearch and RootsTech blogs. She has been called “a gifted teacher” and is someone who can take that which is complex and simplify it for greater understanding.

Over the years she has been a member of many societies and associations to support as many as possible in their good work. She champions genealogy ethics & standards in the community.

 If you have a question, need a recommendation, or would like research assistance contact her. Although she has a waitlist for a variety of genealogy projects & services, she is happy to consult with you!

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  2. Hi,
    I can not find contact information for the photo opp tree from the clock party. Could you PM one? I have permission to use the logo and would love to be able to make it by April 22, 2023. Thanks!

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