It’s National DNA Day 2023!

It’s National DNA Day! Here at the Single Leaf, I continue to reflect on the past, present, and possibilities for our future. There continue to be revolutionary changes in the genealogy industry. If you missed it, RootsTech hosted sessions that provided some insight, specifically the Innovation Forum. This is late noticed but going on now RootsTech is also hosting a series of eight free webinars. For more information, visit the FamilySearch Newsroom.

With more and more resources available, we have a great opportunity to accurately record the history of our people. At RootsTech 2020 I gave a presentation titled, “Ethical Considerations Using DNA Results.” It is still available online, but in summary I stated, “As a community, we will determine whether genetic genealogy is a treasure chest or Pandora’s box.” Later that day, Scott R. Woodward, Ph.D.,  former president of Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF), gave his presentation titled, “Practical and Ethical Issues Associated with Genetic Testing.” Without consultation, we landed on the same page, which is confirming since we come from backgrounds of different disciplines. Unfortunately, his session was not recorded.

DNA has been a game changer! This source contributes to solving, resolving, and revealing many mysteries from the past and in the present. The media is replete with stories. Determining the accuracy of some of those stories requires education, but there is information I would like to pass on to you today in a timely manner.

What is National DNA Day?

National DNA Day “celebrates the completion of the Human Genome Project in April of 2003 and the discovery of DNA’s double helix in 1953.” There are some fun activities you can do to learn more about the genome. Now a matter much more so weighty …

Investigative Genetic Genealogy—A Hot Topic

There are many people interested in investigative genetic genealogy since the identification of the “Buckskin Girl” and prosecution of the “Golden State Killer” was announced in 2018.

CeCe Moore has led discussion on this topic of finding family through DNA long before these cases made the news. She is the founder of the first Institute for Genetic Genealogy, I4GG, and although the 2023 conference has passed the recordings are still available. Three of the sessions are free to view: the opening remarks, accreditation and standards for investigative genetic genealogists, and information about the new non-profit database, DNA Justice

Although I can recommend all of the sessions for your viewing, “Exploring African American Genealogy: Professional Research Methods & Tips” presented by Kimberly Morgan and Akosua Moore garnered a lot of praise in the chat room! This session, as well as others, are priced at $10 each. It costs $79 to view all sessions. If you are interested in investigative genetic genealogy, I highly recommend this year’s conference

DNA Testing Discounts for DNA Day!


If you’re interested in ancestry plus health information, 23andMe has a deal for you. The Ancestry + Health service is now $119, regularly $199. It is the only company that has received marketing authorization by the FDA, having been evaluated for “accuracy, reliability, and consumer comprehension.” The company’s offer is limited to three kits and ends today!

AncestryDNA is not providing a direct discount but is providing access to their World Explorer Membership for three months for an additional $1 with kit purchase. [The World Explorer membership will automatically renew at $79.95 unless you cancel at least two days prior to the renewal date.]

Family Tree DNA is the only company of the genealogical five that provides comprehensive testing for y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA. The company also has Family Finder that provides autosomal (atDNA) results. Y-DNA testing starts at $99, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) full sequence testing is $129, and the Family Finder test is $59.

LivingDNA has its test on sale for $71.10 using the discount code DNADAY10FORU. It’s regularly $99.

MyHeritage is offering its DNA test for $39, regularly $89. This is another autosomal test that helps to determine ethnicity and provides cousin matching. Again, the sale ends today.

National DNA Day is a time to celebrate the advancement of our knowledge about life. We face unprecedented times and, with this type of knowledge, we can address our present global concern and more for an unparalleled future.

Note: This post is written for your information only. Always read terms and conditions of any website you access or in preparation for any DNA test you take. Understand by what laws, beyond the terms and conditions, each test is governed.

© 2023 Lynn Broderick, a.k.a., the Single Leaf. All Rights Reserved.

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