#RootsTech10Years: a Compendium of Content


In 2014 fellow blogger Randy Seaver at Genea-musings began to compile posts written about RootsTech into an annual genealogy blog compendium. In honor of #RootsTech10years, I have compiled these links on this page as well as a few links to missing articles for reference. In addition, I provide links to my articles about RootsTech 2013. I share them for your convenience. :-)

RootsTech 2020

Coming Soon!

RootsTech 2019

Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium
RootsTech 2019 Is Almost Here! Are You Ready?
RootsTech 2019 Playbook for the Hail Mary of Genealogy—DNA
It’s the Premiere of RootsTech 2019!
RootsTech 2019—It’s a Wrap!
The Single Leaf: The Edge Effect at RootsTech 2019

RootsTech 2018

The Single Leaf: Welcome to RootsTech! with Jason Hewlett, MC
Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium
Ready-for-RootsTech Guide to DNA 2.0
Heirloom Show & Tell At RootsTech 2018
Connect. Belong. Play. RootsTech :-)
Have You Heard About “Relatives At RootsTech“?
The Relative Race Continues … On BYUtv
It’s A New Day For RootsTech!
Human in Salt Lake City Reporting From RootsTech 2018
RootsTech: An Olympic Feat in Family History & Genealogy
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to Keynote the Saturday General Session at RootsTech
RootsTech 2018: “Connect. Belong.” Another Year in the Books

RootsTech 2017

Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium
Property Brothers to Headline Today’s Opening Session of RootsTech
Relative Race Season 2 Interview: Joe’s Story
Relative Race Season 2 Interview: “The Man Who Sent Anthony to the Tent”
Relative Race Season 2 Interview: Leaving the Children

RootsTech 2016

Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium

RootsTech 2015 held concurrently with FGS 2015

Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium
21st-Century Italian Genealogy
The Single Leaf: A.J., Julie, and Lucas Jacobs at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: McKelden Smith, President of the NYG&B, at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: David E. Rencher, CGO at FamilySearch at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: Al Fox Carraway and Family at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: A.J. Jacobs and Dennis C. Brimhall at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: Donny Osmond Remembers His Mothers’ Music at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: Donny Osmond Sings “The Gift of Love” at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: David Archuleta sings “Glorious” at RootsTech 2015

RootsTech 2014

The Single Leaf: RootsTech 2014 Opening Social with Vocal Point
Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium
Studio C: Putting Down Roots in the Field of Entertainment
Bryan Larson Finds a Special Collection While at RootsTech 2014
Crowdsourcing: A Form of Collaboration that Helps Genealogists Break Down Brick Walls
What Happens to Your Digital Assets When You Die?
RootsTech 2014: Is It Over?
The Single Leaf: Todd Hansen, host of The Story Trek, at RootsTech 2014

RootsTech 2013

Spring Into Genealogy with Technology at RootsTech
It’s the First Day of Spring … and RootsTech 2013
Rain, Snow, and Blue Skies on the Opening Day of RootsTech 2013
It Started with a Snowstorm: RootsTech 2013 on Day 2
Blues Skies Cap the End of RootsTech 2013
The Single Leaf: Clay Rice, award-winning silhouette artist, at RootsTech 2013

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