#RootsTech10Years: a Compendium of Content


In 2014 fellow blogger Randy Seaver at Genea-musings began to compile posts written about RootsTech into an annual genealogy blog compendium. In honor of #RootsTech10years, I have compiled these links on this page as well as a few links to missing articles for reference. In addition, I provide links to my articles about RootsTech 2013. I share them for your convenience. :-)

RootsTech 2019

Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium
RootsTech 2019 Is Almost Here! Are You Ready?
RootsTech 2019 Playbook for the Hail Mary of Genealogy—DNA
It’s the Premiere of RootsTech 2019!
RootsTech 2019—It’s a Wrap!
The Single Leaf: The Edge Effect at RootsTech 2019

RootsTech 2018

The Single Leaf: Welcome to RootsTech! with Jason Hewlett, MC
Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium
Ready-for-RootsTech Guide to DNA 2.0
Heirloom Show & Tell At RootsTech 2018
Connect. Belong. Play. RootsTech :-)
Have You Heard About “Relatives At RootsTech“?
The Relative Race Continues … On BYUtv
It’s A New Day For RootsTech!
Human in Salt Lake City Reporting From RootsTech 2018
RootsTech: An Olympic Feat in Family History & Genealogy
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to Keynote the Saturday General Session at RootsTech
RootsTech 2018: “Connect. Belong.” Another Year in the Books

RootsTech 2017

Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium
Property Brothers to Headline Today’s Opening Session of RootsTech
Relative Race Season 2 Interview: Joe’s Story
Relative Race Season 2 Interview: “The Man Who Sent Anthony to the Tent”
Relative Race Season 2 Interview: Leaving the Children

RootsTech 2016

Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium

RootsTech 2015 held concurrently with FGS 2015

Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium
21st-Century Italian Genealogy
The Single Leaf: A.J., Julie, and Lucas Jacobs at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: McKelden Smith, President of the NYG&B, at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: David E. Rencher, CGO at FamilySearch at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: Al Fox Carraway and Family at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: A.J. Jacobs and Dennis C. Brimhall at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: Donny Osmond Remembers His Mothers’ Music at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: Donny Osmond Sings “The Gift of Love” at RootsTech 2015
The Single Leaf: David Archuleta sings “Glorious” at RootsTech 2015

RootsTech 2014

The Single Leaf: RootsTech 2014 Opening Social with Vocal Point
Geneamusings’ RootsTech Compendium
Studio C: Putting Down Roots in the Field of Entertainment
Bryan Larson Finds a Special Collection While at RootsTech 2014
Crowdsourcing: A Form of Collaboration that Helps Genealogists Break Down Brick Walls
What Happens to Your Digital Assets When You Die?
RootsTech 2014: Is It Over?
The Single Leaf: Todd Hansen, host of The Story Trek, at RootsTech 2014

RootsTech 2013

Spring Into Genealogy with Technology at RootsTech
It’s the First Day of Spring … and RootsTech 2013
Rain, Snow, and Blue Skies on the Opening Day of RootsTech 2013
It Started with a Snowstorm: RootsTech 2013 on Day 2
Blues Skies Cap the End of RootsTech 2013
The Single Leaf: Clay Rice, award-winning silhouette artist, at RootsTech 2013

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