It’s National DNA Day!

It’s National DNA Day! Eight weeks have passed since the RootsTech family said goodbye for another year. We hailed from 49 states and 55 countries, almost all of which have now been locked down or citizens asked to stay home due to the novel coronavirus, commonly referred to as COVID-19. It’s historic.

Here at the Single Leaf, I’ve been reflecting on the past, the present, and the possibilities for our future. There have been revolutionary changes in the genealogy industry. From the many digital images now readily available to us, with more to come, and DNA results creating another accessible record set, we have the greatest opportunity to accurately record the history of our people and some of us have been given this time to contribute more than we would be able to otherwise.

At RootsTech I gave a presentation titled, “Ethical Considerations Using DNA Results.” In summary I stated, “As a community, we will determine whether genetic genealogy is a treasure chest or Pandora’s box.” Later that day, Scott R. Woodward, Ph.D.,  former president of Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF), gave his presentation titled, “Practical and Ethical Issues Associated with Genetic Testing.” Without consultation, we landed on the same page, which is confirming since we come from backgrounds of different disciplines.

“As a community, we will determine whether genetic genealogy is a treasure chest or Pandora’s box.”

DNA results have contributed to solving, resolving, and revealing many mysteries from the past and in the present. I wrote a post about considerations before testing that I won’t replicate here, but there is information I would like to pass on to you in a timely manner.

What is National DNA Day?

National DNA Day “celebrates the completion of the Human Genome Project in April of 2003 and the discovery of DNA’s double helix in 1953.” There are some fun activities you can do to learn more about the genome, especially if you find yourself homeschooling at this time.

DNA Testing Discounts for DNA Day!


Yesterday 23andMe posted a DNA deal we’ve come to love and appreciate. The Ancestry + Health service is now $149, regularly $199. It is the only company approved by the FDA to provide health information. The company has also revised its Neanderthal Report based on the latest science. The Ancestry + Traits service is regularly $99, but is on sale for $79. Both provide access to cousin matching. This offer ends April 26th. If you have already tested with 23andMe, you might also consider participating in the on-going COVID-19 study. “The major goal of 23andMe’s COVID-19 study is to uncover genetic risks associated with severe outcomes of infections by SARS-CoV-2,” as stated on their website.

AncestryDNA is not providing a direct discount this year but is providing three months’ access to family history record collections for $1 with kit purchase. They also have an on-going Ancestry COVID-19 study. If you have tested with AncestryDNA, please consider participating.

Family Tree DNA is the only company of the genealogical five that provides comprehensive testing for y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA. The company also has Family Finder that provides autosomal (atDNA) results. Y-DNA testing starts at $99, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) full sequence testing is $139, and the Family Finder test is $49 until April 26th.

LivingDNA has its test on sale for $69, regularly $99. I missed having David and Hannah at RootsTech this year to learn of any updates, but the test offered is based on the People of the British Isles project and more. If you want to know specifics of where in the British Isles your people hail from, this is a test I recommend that you investigate.

MyHeritage is offering its DNA test for $39, regularly $79. This is another autosomal test that helps to determine ethnicity and provides cousin matching. The company’s sale ends April 30th.

I cannot forget Wisdom Panel! This company is for the dogs in your life! The essential kit is regularly $99, and the premium kit is $149, but the company is offering a $10 discount code, “DNADAY2020,” on either kit. If you have a mutt, if you’ve rescued a puppy, this test provides clarity to your dog’s breed and their family tree for four generations in addition to other information. Let me just say I found my dog’s results fascinating, informative, and helpful!

National DNA Day is a time to celebrate the advancement of our knowledge about life. We face unprecedented times, and with this type of knowledge, we can address our present global concern, and more, for an unparalleled future.

It is my prayer that you and yours are healthy, safe, and happy! Some people are busier than ever; some are not. Some have had their income reduced or lost employment. Some are struggling with separation from loved ones. Others have lost the ones they love. My deepest concern and sympathies to each and every one who finds themselves in these situations. It’s not an easy time; it’s been devastating.

I’ve read online that some who have been given additional time at home are overwhelmed with the opportunities currently available. I *do* appreciate all that is being offered gratuitously, but to keep from being overwhelmed, don’t look outward, look inward. Ask yourself, “What do I want to focus on? What do I want to learn? What skill do I want to develop?” If one subject you want to focus on is DNA and genealogy, today is your day! There is a lot to consider going forward. Make this time count!

Note: This post is written for your information only. Always read terms and conditions of any website you access or in preparation for any DNA test you take. Understand by what laws, beyond the terms and conditions, each test is governed. 

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