It’s Groundhog Day Again!

Genealogists are a lot like groundhogs — they come out from the libraries and archives long enough to assess if they will have six more weeks of relatively uninterrupted winter research.

Of course, in the spring it’s time to visit the cemeteries. :-)


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It’s Super Bowl Weekend!

It’s Super Bowl Weekend and a new year here at The Single Leaf! With Super Bowl XLVIII falling on Groundhog Day for the first time in its history, would you take a moment to predict the win for the big game?

During the past week a number of stories have been shared that chronicle the journey of players to the NFL and to Super Bowl XLVIII. My favorites were the story of Knowshon Moreno and the commercial that went viral of Derrick Coleman.

What were your favorite stories this week? Was it one of your own? Did you record it?

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‘Tis the Season for a Holiday Bowl

Lynn Broderick and the Single Leaf-Holiday Bowl 1984 WP Maybe I’m living in the past, but then again, I’m a genealogist. It’s the holiday season and the word “holiday” and “football” reminded me of the Holiday Bowl. As you may remember, in 1984 a college team won that game clinching the National Championship with an undefeated season of 13-0. I wasn’t there but the thrill of the final moments could be felt through the network!

There have been moments in the NFL this season where records have been exceeded, critics have been silenced, and lessons have been learned. Whether you are a rookie or a veteran genealogist I hope that you’re enjoying your time on the field. Maybe your success has exceeded your expectations. Maybe you’ve heard trash talk from your critics. Hopefully, you’ve learned more about your ancestors! I know I have :-)

Lynn Broderick and the Single Leaf-Christmas foliage WPWith the holidays happening, what plans do you have to clinch your Family History Bowl this season? It’s a critical time. In the NFL, teams are competing for those coveted placements in the playoffs. Your time to plan for the NFL Super Bowl, Groundhog Day, and your Family History Bowl may be competing for your attention! February 2, 2014 is fast approaching!

Most of us spend the holidays with family and friends. Sometimes we may be at an away game. There are a number of considerations for a holiday game plan. Know your options and opportunities by reviewing the game plan you established at the beginning of this season. Know the available venues located near the area of your celebration and evaluate the time you may have to devote to this game. For example, besides the typical huddle around the hearth, are you aware that there are libraries, archives, and societies that are open during the holidays? Recruit some players :-) If you happen to be at an away game, when it comes to family history you are most fortunate. The databases of those online sites never close, although sometimes they’re down for maintenance.Lynn Broderick and the Single Leaf-archives WP

Whatever your game plan, we at The Single Leaf wish you and yours the very best this holiday season! For those who will be huddled at home, I would like to recommend a resource published by the team at Real Simple that lists a number of questions to stoke the conversation. Merry Christmas!

[By the way, the survey results from my last post indicate that most of you participate in family history and genealogy on Sunday and Monday. I suspected as such, but there is another night of the week that the NFL has captured and that is Thursday. It’s just a another great night for researching your family tree :-)]

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Spring Into Genealogy with Technology at RootsTech

RootsTech starts tomorrow and organizers are excited to welcome genealogists, family historians, technologists, and interested parties to this event, which begins on the first day of Spring :-) I love Spring! It represents the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Technology is always advancing and Spring is a great timeRT Logo WP to update practices that will expedite research. I also like that this year RootsTech does not conflict with Groundhog Day, but I have it on good word that for 2014 and 2015 it will revert back to the February schedule :-(

RootsTech promises to have something for everyone! For those in the Salt Lake City area, registration is available at the door. For those not able to make it this week, a number of sessions will be streamed live. For scheduled times and sessions visit Barring any technological difficulties, this will be a great alternative to being here.  Archived sessions will be made available for those with scheduling conflicts. If you can make it, I look forward to having you join us! :-)

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