Food, Football, & Family History—It’s About Tradition

Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday in America with an estimated 54.3 million Americans expected to migrate, at least for the day, 50 miles or more this year!

Thanksgiving is known as the day of America’s greatest food consumption! Think turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie as the traditional game plan of the Thanksgiving banquet. Many families have other traditional favorites as well.

Football has also been a traditional favorite at this time of year. Whether it is a friendly game at a local field or watching one or more of the 3 NFL games offered throughout the day, it has become part of the holiday for many Americans. In addition, Thanksgiving has become one of the biggest running days of the year with morning Turkey Trots offered throughout the nation!

So, what about family history? Tradition speak volumes and it is never too late to adopt or create a new tradition. As individuals, we determine what we carry forward and what we create. The Smithsonian Folklife & Oral History Interviewing Guide is a free resource available for download that offers tips on how to make the most of your family conversation to capture family history this holiday season. As mentioned in this publication, “[h]aving a clearly defined goal is key to conducting a successful interview.”

“Out of shared telling and remembering grow identity, connection, and pride, binding people to a place and to one another.”
—Tom Rankin, folklorist

One more way to connect with family about family history is to share a brief replay of a genealogy touchdown—that glorious moment when research came together, you entered your genealogy end zone, and you felt like spiking the ball in celebration (a.k.a., doing the genealogy happy dance as it has been described for generations). Share your excitement of this year’s discoveries and you might just recruit another team member. If not, maybe you’ll expand your cheer squad.

Food. Football. Family History. Touchdown!

For those traveling, may you travel safely. For those celebrating in the United States, have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday! For everyone reading this post, enjoy your day!

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