It Started with a Snowstorm: RootsTech 2013 on Day 2

Genealogy Workflow Model WPThe weather matched the influx of developers yesterday at RootsTech 2013. Developer Day is a day when, well, RootsTech invites those behind-the-seen individuals to the conference for sessions on development :-) It began with the announcement of the winners of the Developer’s Challenge in the opening session. Tim Sullivan and Jyl Patee provided the keynotes. More to come in my wrap-up, but if you want to see the opening session for yourself, check out the Friday recap at

Since the beginning, I’ve always enjoyed Developer Day at RootsTech. Great sessions with great questions and discussions, I’ve never been disappointed in the sessions I’ve attended. This year I went to the Genealogy Workflow Model presented by Joe Martel of FamilySearch. For the user, Google Search…and Beyond drew a large crowd for David Barney in Hall 1, the largest hall at the conference. Unconferencing sessions, presentations not listed in the program but suggested by participants, were going on throughout the day as well.

Maureen Taylor RootsTech 2013 WPMaureen Taylor, The Photo Detective, was there to find clues in pictures past, as well as there being a number of live demos in the exhibit hall.

The evening brought a Late Night at the Library with a pizza dinner provided for those who pre-registered. Story@Home provided an storytelling concert at the Conference Center. No pre-registration was required.RootsTech 2013 WP

And, it was the day the T-shirts went on sale at the registration desk. I tried to tweet about it multiple times yesterday, but the conference sponsored Internet continued to fail me. I was not alone in this challenge. :-( Different than had been revealed to me on Wednesday, these are the T-shirts available for purchase.T shirts RT 2013 WP

In future posts, I will expand on the events of Friday. Time is short as I rush off to the final sessions on Day 3. Today RootsTech is looking forward to almost 2000 young people to descend upon the Salt Palace Convention Center! (Don’t forget to check out the posts of the official bloggers!)

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