“KISS me, I’m Irish!”

The Blarney Stone and all its allure asideWDYTHA Lynn Broderick 2013 WP, “KISS me, I’m Irish!” It’s a common phrase on a day like today, but now that the parades have passed and one’s appetite has been satisfied by some corned beef and cabbage (or another delectable dish, like green eggs and ham), my thoughts turn to my Irish ancestors. Just as with any nationality, one would never have been the same without them, and, well, being Irish can be a lot of fun :-) Leprechauns, pots o’gold, and great folktales all add a measure of humor and intrigue to temper the hardships our ancestors suffered during the Great Potato Famine—at least my ancestors were part of that tragic time in history :-(

Since KISS genealogy defines me, I’m always looking for resources that will help those interested in learning more about their family history in a clear and concise way. For those of you of Irish descent, I found a resource, available for download, that is a treasure trove of information on seeking those elusive and not so elusive ancestors. It is titled, Tracing Your Ancestors in Ireland. It includes step-by-step instructions, including a number of websites, a bibliography, and information directory. In the year of The Gathering Ireland 2013, it is a welcomed preparatory publication.

Whether elusive or not, in order to conduct genealogical research on the Emerald Isle, one must complete preliminary research to find the specific locality, at least the county, but preferably the townland and/or parish :-) This can be a challenge, but now you have the goal: locate the county and then the townland and/or parish of residence for your ancestor(s). With this reference guide you will be well on your way!

So, if you’re Irish, enjoy a Shamrock shake and consider how applying these suggestions will lead you to your genealogical pot o’ gold. And when you find it, please let me know so that we can do the Irish jig together :-)

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